You’ve been collaborating with Kay at the Red Wing store. What were your creative duties here? How did that part in your professional portfolio prepare you for your current job as the shop manager at Statement?

I started to work for Kay while he were a co-owner and founder of Burg&Schild, which was the starting point for success of the Red Wing Shoe Stores in USA. From the small scaled business located within this denim mecca of Boston, the three Red Wing Shoe Stores shoot up. Both selvedge denim and the goodyear welted boots Red Wing Shoes offers have their inspiration rooted in American workwear and are in my opinion are quite unique which helps creating a distinctive diversity. I was a universal soldier type of worker within the company back then. Accounting errands, administrative work, launching and managing the online shop, and of course retail management. From 2013 on, when Kay was personally responsible for the Red Wing Shoe Stores I grew to become something like a general manager. But the both of us were still all about denim and vintage clothing apart from our main denim thing, with the Red Wing Shoe Stores.

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